Flags of 2013 – Week 7


So its a few days late and one I took last year. It happens.


Flags of 2013 – Week 6

Sunset and a strong breeze at the Cocoa City Hall.

Sunset and a strong breeze at the Cocoa City Hall.

I’m getting a decent collection of flag pictures now. The combination of the gold light before sunset and a strong breeze made this a particularly good time to shoot flags. I like the old Florida look of the Cocoa City Hall building and think it photographs well.

Night Rockets

This week I had a chance to go out and take a few pictures during an Atlas V launch at night. Night launches are very cool to watch and incredibly difficult to photograph. I got a few decent shots and learned much more about what to do better next time, like to not forget my remote shutter release.

Before the launchOverwatch
Candle on the Water

Flags of 2013 – Week 5

Not all flags fly

Not all flags fly

Another different shot this week. The shadows gave me trouble so I may try to take this shot again on another day with different lighting.

Flags of 2013 – Week 4

Windy City Flag

Windy City Flag

For this week we have a different sort of flag picture. This was a pretty long shot without a long lens with me so I had to crop it a ton to get a decent view. I may show some other crops of this in the future and I do like the setting quite a bit.

Flags of 2013 – Week 3

American flag flying in from of the library at Brevard Community College.

American flag flying in from of the library at Brevard Community College.

For this week I have a shot for you of a flag at the BCC/UCF Brevard campus. I liked the way it was framed by that circular structure.


Flags of 2013 – Week 2

American flag over palm trees at sunset.

Flag resting after watching over the river all day.


This week I have a decent sunset picture of the same flag I posted last week. I used an adjustment brush in Lightroom 4 to bring out the color in the flag by bringing up the light in it’s shadows and increasing it’s saturation. I think it turned out pretty nice.

Flags of 2013 – Week 1, Getting Started

American flag blowing in front of clowds.

Almost sunset on a breezy day in Cocoa Beach Florida.

This year I want to try something. I am going to attempt to post a picture of an American flag every week. Not just any picture either but one I personally took during that week.

Now, I know that this is going to be hard but I think this will help me do a couple of things. One, I hope it will help to share the beauty of our flag and remind people of what it stands for. Secondly though, I hope to use this project to increase my skills in photography and post processing.

This week’s picture isn’t perfect, far from it in fact, but it is the best one I got this week. I’ve scouted a bunch of other locations and when weather and work cooperate, I should be able to get some nice ones in the coming weeks. So hopefully you will enjoy this project with me next week as we see what I come up with.

A Sandy Day at the Beach

Today I did something that brought back memories. Not of something I’ve done exactly, more of someone I used to be. While we were experiencing squalls from Hurricane Sandy, instead of hunkering down and staying warm and dry, I got in my truck and drove to the beach.

Crossing the causeway during a squall is what triggered the thoughts. Instead of turning around, I drove toward risk. I wouldn’t exactly call it danger, but it was close. When I got to the beach I walked right out there onto the sand to see the waves for myself. I’m not silly enough to get in on a day like this, maybe too old for that, but I still wanted to see it myself.

After snapping a couple pictures and heading back to my truck I saw a couple guys putting on wetsuits and asked if they were going to actually get in. After we talked for a few minutes they learned I was an army vet and I learned they were active duty soldiers. I took a few pictures of them in the waves and looking at them afterwards, they reminded me very much of myself and my fellow soldiers twenty years ago. Maybe a little more brave than smart, but we wouldn’t let anything named Sandy get between us and a nice day at the beach.


The other day my wife brought home a couple of nice thick cut filets. Let me just say that they were not cheap. After a bit of online research I decided to wrap them in bacon before grilling. Besides, what isn’t better with bacon? Other than the bacon all I added was some sea salt and garlic pepper to each side.

So I got the grill nice and hot and seared them a minute each side to start. I then moved them to a slightly cooler section for about three more minutes each side. That’s it.

I was a tad concerned that they wouldn’t be cooked well enough. I couldn’t have been more wrong! They were nice and red inside but not bloody. Perfect!