A couple of years ago I spent a week on the beach in Hilton Head Island South Carolina. I set out to capture a great sunrise photo with my point & shoot camera and did come back with dozens of nice ones. Here are four shots taken from the same place and roughly the same time of morning on two different days.

As you can see they are all different. This is due to a number of small things but ended up with drastically different shots.

The differences are due to:

  1. Different camera presets or “Scenes”
  2. Different post-processing presets in Lightroom 4
  3. Different cloud locations resulting in how much light is available
  4. Different sun elevations also resulting in how much light is available

So here you see four shots that are basically the same but very different. I believe all are dramatic shots that make nice sunrise pictures. The only post-processing I did was to apply a single preset, more work may have made the pictures even nicer.

The question is though, which do you prefer and why?


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