Our Epilepsy Adventure Begins

On March 20th of this year my oldest son, John Ross, collapsed at school. I was out of town on business and got the call from my wife as I was heading into the office. She was heading to the school to meet the ambulance.

This is every parents nightmare.

Over the course of the days and weeks that followed we came to learn that what happened was a seizure and that he has Epilepsy. His seizures have been increasing lately, mostly at night when he’s asleep. He’s on anti-seizure medication and is starting a special diet to try get things under control.

He’s still the same awesome kid he always was, now even more special.

I’ll post about our adventures through this over time. Some things are good (he gets to eat bacon, a LOT of bacon) others well, not so good. He is a trooper through it all. I wish I had half the strength and compassion he already shows at such a young age.


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  1. southernjohnson

    Poor baby! 😦 prayers to you and your precious son!

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