Night Seizures

Night seizures are elusive.

We know they are happening but knowing how often they occur and how severe they are is difficult to determine. We have some clues when one has happened but that doesn’t tell us the severity. The morning after a seizure he will be lethargic or cranky or a few other things. So in the morning it’s frequently a guessing game as to whether his attitude is due to a seizure, just being a six-year-old or something else entirely.

We have seen one or two, at least part of them. So far they don’t seem to last very long and the vast majority are when he’s asleep. The advantage of these types of seizures is that they are unlikely to happen at a time or place where he will injure himself. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to judge the effectiveness of his anti-seizure treatments. We also don’t know when/if they have changed (again).

If he has to have seizures this is probably a good kind to have. I feel for the parents of children with more difficult seizure types. No offense but I don’t want to join your group.


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