Heroes and Sacrifice

With the tragedy in Colorado last week there has been a lot of talk about heroes and sacrifice. In particular there is this story about “Three heroes died in Aurora taking bullets for their girlfriends“. Now first let me say that I agree that these men should be honored by their friends and family for making a snap decision to do the right thing and saving another’s life. Well done.

There is a different type of hero I’m writing about today though. The American military man and woman. Every one of which should be considered a hero. According to iCasualties.org, nearly two hundred Americans have sacrificed their lives in Afghanistan this year, over two thousand over the last decade.

For these brave men and women it was different from the three men above. It was not a snap decision but a decision that each individual made over the course of months or years. And they did not die for a single loved one but for all Americans, most of whom they never knew and will never know they died for them.

Every person that joins the military knows that one day they may face a situation they won’t come home from, and they are ok with that. It’s not that they have a death wish or don’t care for their own lives, to the contrary, having looked war in the eyes they want to live more than most. It’s that they believe in our country, in the United States of America, to such a degree that they are willing to sacrifice their own lives to protect it.

Again, I’m not saying don’t honor people who make a snap decision to protect innocents, just don’t forget at the same time to honor the heroes that had time to think about it and still made the choice.


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  1. Thank you for this post. Well written and a testament to true courage. http://wp.me/p1RlRY-4w

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