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Flags of 2013 – Week 7


So its a few days late and one I took last year. It happens.


Flags of 2013 – Week 6

Sunset and a strong breeze at the Cocoa City Hall.

Sunset and a strong breeze at the Cocoa City Hall.

I’m getting a decent collection of flag pictures now. The combination of the gold light before sunset and a strong breeze made this a particularly good time to shoot flags. I like the old Florida look of the Cocoa City Hall building and think it photographs well.

Night Rockets

This week I had a chance to go out and take a few pictures during an Atlas V launch at night. Night launches are very cool to watch and incredibly difficult to photograph. I got a few decent shots and learned much more about what to do better next time, like to not forget my remote shutter release.

Before the launchOverwatch
Candle on the Water

Flags of 2013 – Week 5

Not all flags fly

Not all flags fly

Another different shot this week. The shadows gave me trouble so I may try to take this shot again on another day with different lighting.