Hi, I’m John.

I’ve lived a lot of places and done a lot of things. The only constant in my life has been change. I think I’ve settled down now, I suppose only time will tell.

So, what have I done:

  • I was an “Army Brat” growing up and as such lived in three countries and three states by the time I was 8.
  • Moved to Missouri.
  • I was a Boy Scout in the 80s, hiking and camping nearly every weekend.
  • Graduated from High School in 1990.
  • Served in the US Army Infantry from 1991 – 1995.
    • Based in Ft. Drum NY.
    • Deployed to Hurricane Andrew in 1992.
    • Deployed to Somalia in 1993.
    • Deployed to Haiti in 1994.
  • Got Married.
  • Got a BS in Computer Information Systems from Columbia College.
  • Moved to Ohio.
  • Became a Red Cross volunteer.
  • Have been a professional developer since the late 90s.
  • Went to Hurricane Katrina with the Red Cross.
  • Had a son.
  • Co-wrote a book on Silverlight.
  • Moved to Seattle.
  • Was a Microsoft MVP in Silverlight for a couple years.
  • Had another son.
  • Have been a travelling consultant the last couple years.
  • Moved to Florida.
  • Had yet another son.
  • Oldest son diagnosed with Epilepsy.

So, where am I now? Living in Florida, working all over the country, raising three amazing boys with a wonderful wife. I currently have too many hobbies so they each gain my attention for a while, then I move to the next one. Currently it is photography I’m interested in, next week/month/year it will be something else.

You can see some of my pictures at Flickr and Viewbug. I don’t have a good camera yet, that should be coming this fall. I do get to borrow one every now and then and Ive taken a few nice shots with my point and shoot as well. Still learning photography but I find it very fun and exciting.

  1. Linda Thompson

    You’re a great photographer! Love your pics!

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