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Action Shots are Hard – Part 2

Now that I have a real camera, I tried my hand at the running dog again. Having control over the shutter speed and the ability to capture multiple shots per second is a big advantage.

What it doesn’t fix though, is making the dog go where you want. Or even somewhere predictable. It took a ton of shots to get a so-so one of him running. It does make for good practice in shooting running targets though.

And now for your viewing pleasure, the shots that didn’t quite make it.


Action shots are hard

So this may not be a ball game but getting a shot of a playing dog has to be about as hard. This is one area where having a real SLR would make a huge difference. Most entry-level SLRs can shoot 3-4 images per second but my point and shoot can take one image every 3-4 seconds. Big difference when trying to catch action. In this case it’s all about timing.

I like the way this turned out but it would have been nice to have a few shots to choose from. I do also like the way his body is hidden under the water and all you can see is his head going after the ball.