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Baby Surf

Here’s another one that turned out well with my point & shoot. A lot of the reason it is nice is due to luck. When you have so little control over the camera functions you can’t set them for the perfect shot.

What you can control though is composition. So while I don’t have a good camera, I’m learning how to set up a shot and get myself into place to get it. In this case we got Patrick into a place with no one close behind him, but enough people in the background to make it more interesting. They were also far enough that they were probably going to be badly out of focus even without manual controls.

A second thing I did to make this shot great was to stop trying to “baby” my camera and got down almost in the waves with it to both shoot from a more interesting angle and also to have him “fill the frame”.

A couple of things a better camera would have done though are to freeze the water in motion better and with the addition of a polarizing filter both the sky and water should have been clearer. Still, I’m happy with this shot.