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Space Shuttle Discovery

With NASA’s Space Shuttle program having ended and commercial space beginning to take off (literally, go Space-X!), I thought it a good time to share my personal history with the Space Shuttle Discovery.

The Space Shuttle Discovery sits at Launch Complex 39A awaiting the launch of STS-133.

I had a few chances to see Discovery, more than most Americans it would seem. I witnessed her final launch and her goodbye flight.

Space Shuttle Discovery launches for mission STS-133.

These shots were all taken with a point and shoot but with a subject like this, even taken with a phone these would be nice pictures.

Discovery sits in the Vehicle Assembly Building while being prepped for transfer to the Intrepid museum in NYC.

It is sad to see the shuttle program end but I am excited to see the next space pioneers wow us with their accomplishments.

Discovery says a final goodbye to Florida as it leaves atop the 747 based carrier aircraft.


Space Coast Life

Rocket Launch

Here’s another where I was careful to set up the shot beforehand. Now, NASA doesn’t typically let you move launch pads around so in this case it meant getting myself in the right spot before the launch. From the time we moved into this neighborhood I knew the pond and gazebo would make a nice backdrop (or foreground?) for a rocket launch. I took watching a couple previous launches to determine where around the pond I would have to position myself to get the rocket ascending over it just right.

On this day the weather and the rocket cooperated to set up a very nice shot. In this case a better camera would have made the shot a little sharper but overall this one turned out pretty nice.

Non-Standard Viewpoint


I was lucky to be on the Kennedy Space Center one day and was snapping pictures wherever I could, using only a point & shoot. There are so many awesome things there to photograph that is was truly mind-boggling. This shot though, was one that as soon as I saw the pier with the birds on the Banana River with the VAB in the background I knew it was special. It is easily one of my favorite shots.

I know it breaks several composition rules (VAB is nearly dead center, horizon is also nearly center) but this one still feels right. To me at least.