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A Sandy Day at the Beach

Today I did something that brought back memories. Not of something I’ve done exactly, more of someone I used to be. While we were experiencing squalls from Hurricane Sandy, instead of hunkering down and staying warm and dry, I got in my truck and drove to the beach.

Crossing the causeway during a squall is what triggered the thoughts. Instead of turning around, I drove toward risk. I wouldn’t exactly call it danger, but it was close. When I got to the beach I walked right out there onto the sand to see the waves for myself. I’m not silly enough to get in on a day like this, maybe too old for that, but I still wanted to see it myself.

After snapping a couple pictures and heading back to my truck I saw a couple guys putting on wetsuits and asked if they were going to actually get in. After we talked for a few minutes they learned I was an army vet and I learned they were active duty soldiers. I took a few pictures of them in the waves and looking at them afterwards, they reminded me very much of myself and my fellow soldiers twenty years ago. Maybe a little more brave than smart, but we wouldn’t let anything named Sandy get between us and a nice day at the beach.


It’s Not Always Sunny In Florida

I just got my new Nikon D5100 and had to take a shot of something. The skys were nearly a plain overcast but the combination of a decent camera, raw NEF image and some tweaking in Lightroom 4, the texture of the clouds comes through nicely.

Artist Point Washington

A few years ago I lived in the Seattle area and we traveled around the western part of the state nearly every weekend. In looking for places to travel I heard of one destination that was said to be above the others… literally. The only problem was that it was only open for a few weeks a year. Artist Point is an incredible destination, if you make it. You are supposed to be able to see numerous peaks and sweeping panoramic mountain views.

My last summer in Washington we made two trips up there, right before moving to Florida. On the first trip, it was a nice sunny day, but the upper lot that has the big panoramic views was closed. What we could get to didn’t disappoint. We had a great time and took plenty of pictures, but knew we had to come back.

On the second trip the upper lot was open, but the mountain was locked in with fog. It was fun to play with my son in snow in August but there wasn’t a lot else for us at the top. The paths around the lower lot though had some great views with the overcast skys. Some of my favorite pictures are from that day.

The numerous hiking paths and mountain lakes make for some incredibly picturesque places.

There is no question that I’ll have to go back there one day.