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Flags of 2013 – Week 2

American flag over palm trees at sunset.

Flag resting after watching over the river all day.


This week I have a decent sunset picture of the same flag I posted last week. I used an adjustment brush in Lightroom 4 to bring out the color in the flag by bringing up the light in it’s shadows and increasing it’s saturation. I think it turned out pretty nice.


Ozark Donkeys

Nothing special here, just some donkeys on a hill in the Missouri Ozarks.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

This is my first attempt at the Weekly Photo Challenge, let me know how you like it.

I was visiting a model railroad and though it would be cool to do a long exposure of the train going by. This one is a 2 second exposure.

Tree Face

Old Tractor

At more than sixty years old, a trusty Ford 8N rests in the shade awaitng it’s next job.

With the mid-day Missouri sun at it’s brightest, getting details from this picture was difficult. The combination of shooting raw (NEF) images and Lightroom 4’s ability to pull details out of shadows created an image with much greater dynamic range without the “fake” look of HDR.

Independence Day Photos

Just a few Independence Day themed shots for you all to enjoy.

Fire on the Water

I made my first attempt at taking pictures of Fireworks last night and am pleased with the results. I learned a lot and will try a few things differently next time.

One key to decent pictures was I used a tripod and Bulb shutter with a remote release. I think that without that all of my shots would have been unusable.

  • Nikon D5100
  • ISO 100
  • f/8.0
  • 2.6 Second Exposure

Barn Door

The light wasn’t great but you can still almost feel the texture in this door.

Super Moon

The Super Moon may have been a while back, but it’s never too late to share some nice full moon pictures. At least I think they are nice.

A couple in love was nice enough to add some life to a few shots.

And finally, one from Super Moon 2011 taken at the Cocoa Beach Pier.

Super Moon 2011 rises over the Cocoa Beach Pier.

Gateway Arch

Welcome back!

I’ve been out on vacation for the last couple of weeks which is why there haven’t been any posts lately. I took an absolute ton (well, ounces) of pictures so I’ll be posting a few here and there.

One destination was the Gateway Arch in St. Louis Missouri. Enjoy a few pictures from that stop.

I tried to grab a few pictures from non-standard angles and I think it worked out ok. It’s incredibly hard to get interesting shots of something when the sun is bright and high, lots of people around and it’s so large.