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A Sandy Day at the Beach

Today I did something that brought back memories. Not of something I’ve done exactly, more of someone I used to be. While we were experiencing squalls from Hurricane Sandy, instead of hunkering down and staying warm and dry, I got in my truck and drove to the beach.

Crossing the causeway during a squall is what triggered the thoughts. Instead of turning around, I drove toward risk. I wouldn’t exactly call it danger, but it was close. When I got to the beach I walked right out there onto the sand to see the waves for myself. I’m not silly enough to get in on a day like this, maybe too old for that, but I still wanted to see it myself.

After snapping a couple pictures and heading back to my truck I saw a couple guys putting on wetsuits and asked if they were going to actually get in. After we talked for a few minutes they learned I was an army vet and I learned they were active duty soldiers. I took a few pictures of them in the waves and looking at them afterwards, they reminded me very much of myself and my fellow soldiers twenty years ago. Maybe a little more brave than smart, but we wouldn’t let anything named Sandy get between us and a nice day at the beach.