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For once I liked the TSA

I travel what most people would consider a lot and as such I go through airport security frequently. Very frequently.

I try not to worry too much about it and just be sure to give myself time to get through the line. I’ve also got my “system” down to get through the scanners and such as quickly as possible. But even then, it’s slow and cumbersome and well, totally awesome to take off your shoes and belt in the middle of a crown.

This morning was a bit of a different experience for me though.

I stood in line to get to the first checkpoint, where they check your ID and boarding pass like normal. Then, when the agent scanned my boarding pass the machine beeped a few times and she said “Oh, you have been selected for TSA Pre”. At that point she gets up and walk me over to a different line.

Well, a podium but no line, no line at all. From there I walked straight to a metal detector(not the dreaded backscatter) and was told I didn’t need to take off my belt, or shoes or take anything out of my bags. Just put them on the belt and walk through the metal detector and that was it.

I was through security in record time, it was great. I looked over my boarding pass and there didn’t appear to be anything on it showing if I had been approved so I guess I’ll never know until they scan my pass.

When it happens though, I’ll like the TSA that day 🙂